What happened to Monday in ‘What Happened To Monday’ [SPOILER INSIDE]

The question of overpopulation continues to be a big challenge in the world. The main issue becomes how best to tame the rising population, without compromising on the choices and the freedoms of the subjects. Countries such as China adopted the one-child policy, a policy that they would later abandon.

The movie and cinema is a representation of reality. Issues affecting human beings are captured and presented in films and movies. The movie space has been used to expose challenges facing human beings and has attempted to offer viable and sustainable solutions. The movie What Happened to Monday is such a movie; it is science fiction confronting the issue of over-population.

Prior to discussing the character of Monday and her significance in the movie, the following facts about the movie will be of help:

Director: Tommy Wirkola

Movie writers: Max Botkin and Kerry Williamson

Main character: Noomi Rapace (acting like all the sisters)

Willem Dafoe: The grandfather of the children Terrence Settman,

Glenn Close: Head, Child Allocation Bureau. Nicolette Cayman

Setting: Romania

Time is taken in shooting: 94 days

Budget: $20 million

Running time: 123 minutes

Release Date (US): August 18, 2017

Having stated that, this article will discuss what happened to Monday in what happened to Monday.

What is the main problem in the movie What Happened to Monday?

In the movie, famine and overpopulation have forced the authorities to take drastic measures in order to ensure that the resources are used in an optimal way. The only way the state can achieve sustainability is by limiting the number of children that one can have. The authorities take the extreme choice of allowing only one child per person/couple. Karen Settman is born in such an environment.

The process of birth can be difficult, and women have died while giving birth. Karen Settman does when giving birth, and unfortunately, she leaves 7 children behind. The children are named after the 7 days of the week. The main problem becomes how the children can be raised up without being discovered by others, and especially, the authorities. As a matter of fact, the family plays a hide and seeks game with the Child Allocation Bureau. This is because of the sanctions that would follow such a discovery, and the family knew this as much.

This problem of surviving in hiding creates another problem- it creates a prison, without necessarily physical walls, on the family. For instance, the members of the family cannot go out together. The sisters have to go out, one at a time, without being discovered. In addition to that, the sisters have to look identical at any given time, and this is not a walk in the park.

What happened to Monday: Why did Monday do it?

The viewer sympathizes with Monday and the circumstances that he found himself in. Karen Settman gives birth to septuplets and dies thereafter. The responsibility of raising the children is in the hands of their father. Now that they are living in a country with one-child policy, they must look the same to the others, and others must think and believe that they are dealing with one child, and not seven. This plan, as a lofty goal as it is, must work by all means. For instance, if one gets an injury, the others must be amputated in order to look the same.

All goes well until Monday runs into Adrian Knowles who was a C.A.B. agent. Monday does not come home, and the problem is how to look for her and where. Tuesday takes the heavy responsibility of going out to look for her. Her efforts pay off as she learns that Monday got a promotion. She is not able to know a lot from this point.

What actually happened to Monday?

Monday experienced morning sickness, and she knew right away that she was pregnant. This was reason enough to make her not go home. She starts making a deal on how her children would survive (bearing in mind that the Child Allocation Act would not allow one to have more than one child). Monday makes a deal with Dr Cayman in order to ensure that her children survive.

Monday then does another unthinkable thing; she pays a decent amount of money so that the other sisters can be killed. Her goal was to ensure that she remains the only Karen Settman. The sisters are surprised to learn this, and cannot understand how Monday would be that ruthless to members of the family, and the pain that would come with this.

What happened to Monday at the end?

The movie What Happened to Monday faces a bleak ending. The evidence of murdered children was the undoing of Monday. Due to her actions, she was shot, and she eventually died. Her children do not die as they are protected in an artificial womb.

Monday, who has already died, was forgiven by both Tuesday and Thursday. In addition to that, the efforts that Monday had made paid off as the One Child Policy was finally repelled and the people were given the liberty to make their choices.

What happened to Monday worth watching?

The beginning of the end of Monday was the time her grandfather decided to cut off her finger in order to ensure that Monday and Thursday looked the same. Monday, who had been a resentful in an entire life, had to face this with a lot of sacrifice, something that she thought was painful and not worth it. The viewer sympathizes with Monday despite her betrayal and deception. The view notices that she is after all a woman and a mother, and her actions are a way of protecting her own children, just like any other woman would do anyway.


Critics reviewed the movie, with some praising it, and others criticizing it. Even with the criticism, the movie is a master piece in science fiction and the difficulties that face the human condition. This is a science-fiction story about children, who are deemed illegal at birth, and they have to live in a regime which is authoritarian in the least.

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