What happened to Saturday in “What Happened To Monday”

What Monday went through makes fun of the idea that the world will end; this Netflix movie is ahead of its time and keeps me interested thanks to Noomi Rapace, who plays seven different roles, and Glenn Close, who plays a chilling megalomaniac. The story has a lot of social commentary about overconsumption and overpopulation.

It also has some fantastic Matrix shadowing scenes that are exciting and tense in a way that reminds me of the predator. The two-hour run time is worth it because there are enough fantastic action scenes and twists. This page has everything I need to know.

People and climate change have combined to create a near-inhospitable world with too many people and insufficient resources. To combat this, scientists have genetically modified crops to increase yield.

The increase in multiple births as a result of this change, on the other hand, is massive. To stem the tide of rising birth rates, they pass the Child Allocation Act. All additional children are placed in cry sleep indefinitely.

Hero Noomi Rapace (Prometheus) portrays one of seven twins named Monday. Each girl’s name is a day of the week. Their mother passed away during childbirth, so their grandfather secretly raised them. All the girls work under Karen Settman.

The girls’ lives and career is accurately designed to maximize their abilities. They can conceal themselves and cover each other’s weaknesses. Each week, a different woman plays Karen. At home, they can be themselves, but not in public. To avoid being identified as twins, the sisters must act and appear similarly and share their daily activities.

Like Karen, they all work in a bank. On the other hand, Adrian, the CAB agent played by Aladdin’s Marwan Kenzari, is having an affair with Monday. When she doesn’t show up for her scheduled day out, the other sisters are terrified that their family’s existence is jeopardized. Karen’s next-in-line sister gets ready for work on Tuesday. She is apprehended by the CAB, who removes her eyeball to access her home’s retinal-camera system.

The remaining sisters are left to figure out what happened to Monday, who the agents killed. Jerry, a coworker, is blackmailing Karen for a promotion, and there is a slew of ruthless agents. The CAB then dispatches Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, leaving only one-eyed Tuesday, Thursday, and Monday in their wake.

Seven people can’t pass for the same person for decades without being noticed. Weight fluctuations, muscle tone differences, and wrinkles that couldn’t be concealed with make-up were all present. In addition, the girls question coworkers who should have raided flags, given the current political climate.


Due to her pregnancy, Monday could not return home. As she is experiencing morning sickness, this should have been a red flag. She reached an agreement with Dr. Cayman to preserve her relationship. The lives of her twins were traded for a substantial donation from her.

She had also paid a significant sum to have her sisters murdered so that she would be the only Karen Settman to survive. As Monday’s deceit is revealed, the remaining sisters begin to understand that Monday betrayed them. She was no longer a cog in a machine after a lifetime of selflessness. Thursday’s grandfather cut off the tip of her finger because she injured herself on an unapproved outing.

Chaos appears, and Monday is to be assassinated by gunfire when the evidence of the murdered children is made public. In her synthetic womb, her fetus is safe and sound. The events that took place on Monday and the preceding months, and happened for a long time, not years, had been going on for some time.

 Because of her long-standing grudge against Karen, she likely wanted more than just a tiny piece of her pie. Her pregnancy would have been impossible to keep a secret if she had known she was pregnant at the time of conception. Her deception was motivated by her desperate need to be a mother and a wife.

What happened to Saturday?

Adrian arrives at the sisters’ apartment, Worried about “Karen,” and interrupts the others’ efforts to help Wednesday. Scared that one of them might be a front for Adrian’s involvement, Thursday sweet-talks Saturday into accompanying him. On Saturday, in Adrian’s apartment, a virgin starts a conversation with him. She connects their bracelets to allow Friday to break into the system while sleeping. Sisters claim to have been found in a holding cell on Monday via a live feed from the facility.

A woman is kidnapped and killed by police agents on Wednesday. Saturday informs her siblings that Monday is dating Adrian, so when Adrian leaves his apartment, the agents show up and kill Saturday. Joe, the organization’s head of security, and a member of team member sisters’ house simultaneously. To save Thursday and Monday, Friday blows up their apartment so she can escape.

Other siblings, what happened to them?

Monday is still alive until she is shot during the press conference. Tuesday lost sight in one eye, but she is still awake and is being held in a detention center. Tuesday’s look was used to get into the apartment, and an agent was killed Sunday.

The bullets that flew between the buildings eventually hit and killed the brave Wednesday. Saturday kills himself in his apartment after having sex with Adrian. Friday kills herself because she says she’s never been like the other characters. She can’t do her job without them.

Adrian finally figures out what’s happening and agrees to help the sisters. To prove that the CAB was murdered and save Monday, who they think is being held as a hostage, he sneaks Thursday into the containment facility by saying she is one of the other dead sisters. Instead, they find Tuesday, and everyone realizes what’s happening. After Monday dies at the gala, only Thursday and Tuesday are left.

The extra kids disappeared

Instead of being put into cryogenic sleep, all other children are killed and imprisoned, as in Demolition Man. They’ve been lying to everyone about what they intend to do to the children, including the head of the Child Allocation Bureau, Nicolette Cayman (Glenn Close) (CAB). On Thursday, at a political rally for Dr. Cayman, the daring one obtains video evidence of the dead children and broadcasts it on the internet.

In conclusion, Karen isn’t here anymore. Terrence keeps the existence of the seven siblings a secret from the authorities. He recognizes them by the weekday on which they were born. He decides for all seven to live in secrecy in a location with hidden areas.

No more extra children are being killed, and the Child Allocation Act has been repealed, both of which appear to be positive developments. The twins born on Monday arrived safely. When the camera pans back, an entire ward of newborn babies is revealed. Cayman’s tactics are flawed, but her facts are not.

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